In Shapeshift, you need to judiciously cut a polygon into pieces and combine them all in the target area without overlap. The game was made during the Bevy Jam #2 with the theme "Combine".

It is possible to play with a trackpad, but the Shapeshift experience is better with a mouse. 


  • Perform a cut: hold  C  + left click + drag and release  
  • Translate: left click + drag
  • Rotate: (right click + drag up or down) or (mouse over polygon and scroll). 


  • Game by Eliot Bolduc (
  • Sounds by Francis Grégoire
  • Levels by Geneviève Gariépy, Charles Riendeau and Eliot Bolduc
  • Geneviève Gariépy: algorithms consultant
  • Menu song by Charles Riendeau
  • Logo by Roxanne Bolduc

Works best in the Chrome browser.

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