Some creatures take the energy right out of you. Others will rejuvenate you. Choose your collisions carefully, and you shall rise to the top.

Use WASD to move around and spacebar to boost. You are faster when you have more energy, and to have a visual clue of your energy level, look at your breathing speed: faster means more energetic.

The Guardians of the surface take a lot of energy out of you.  When collisioning with the guardians of the surface, they take almost all the energy you have, and you are left moving slowly. If the Guardians corner you, there is nothing to be done other than refreshing the page and start again. If you are stuck in the middle of a pack, you will get out eventually, but it might take some time. I wanted the player to feel the unfair advantage! Collisioning with small and medium-sized creatures that spawn at the bottom will give you more energy, unless you hit the same one repeatedly, in which case your energy level decreases. Avoid the Guardians, go find the moshpit at the bottom, dance with the creatures of the depths, and rise above the surface!

Works best in Chrome.

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